School management system - EDUkIT becomes School Champion

EDUkIT Becomes School Champion



We are glad to inform you that in connection with the development of our products and going into the next level, we decided to rebrand Ukrainian educational platform EDUkIT. We introduce you the system of school management School Champion!

For 6 years of work on the project we have created a unique system for the implementation of positive change in school education. Our project has been developing in different directions, and each of these directions has its own special name.

The Platform EDUkIT helps schools to create their own websites. The interactive catalogue of Study Planner makes possible for parents to choose a school based on different criteria. The content projects Khan Academy and Visual Assistant Teacher allow teachers and students to use new technology for improving the quality of schooling. School administrators, teachers and parents ask our Support Team for help and advice.

Now we have collected all the particles together and given a new name that reflects new quality initiatives. We believe that our project and all its participants will become true leaders in secondary education, champions of school life.

More information about why we do rebranding you can find in the file, attached to this article. Join our updated representations in social networks .

Our project keeps existing, growing and improving. Meet new version of sites for schools and other educational institutions.

We look forward to your support and our future common victories. Let us bring schools together!



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