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Now, the EDUkIT Project Team is holding webinars on various topics.

«But what is a webinar?» you may ask.
A webinar (or an online seminar) is a form of seminar or training via the Internet.

Webinars have their advantages:

- You don’t have to go anywhere to get to the training session.
- All you need is a computer with Internet access.
- At a certain time you just go to a particular link and see a real-time seminar.
- With the help of contacts of EDUkIT Support Service, you can ask a lecturer any question you like.
- If you are afraid to miss anything, after the webinar you can obtain its video recording.
- Participation in webinars is always free!

Dima Zicer
7 April 2011 saw EDUkIT TV’s first issue, whose topic was «Non-Formal Education or the Alphabet of Education of the Future!». EDUkIT TV is a unique platform where you can get new knowledge and professional communication as well as exchange experience in the field of education technologies.

Фото Салмана Хана
On 25 May 2011, EDUkIT TV went on the air for the second time. The online seminar «Watch and Learn Together with the Khan Academy!» was dedicated to the virtual Khan Academy, which provides free distance learning around the world.

Anna Kravtsova
On 10 October 2011, EDUkIT TV went on the air for the third time. The online seminar «Either He or I! Talk with teachers about difficult students» was dedicated to recommendations on how to deal with difficult children.

Loli KantorOn 22 December 2011, EDUkIT TV went on the air for the fourth time. The online seminar «Documentary Photography or History Through A Camera Lens» was dedicated to documentary photography. The webinar was attended by Loli Kantor, a professional photographer from the USA.

The online seminar was held by the EDUkIT team aspart of Loli Kantor’s exhibition There Was a Forest: Jewish Life in Eastern Europe Today for education administrators, teachers, developers of educational projects, tutors and all those keen to learn about a photography genre which reveals real events and the epoch.

Michel Tereschenko On 11 April 2012, EDUkIT TV went on the air for the fifth time. The online seminar «Striving for Public Benefit or Charity in Action» was dedicated to charity. The webinar was attended by Michel Tereschenko (France-Ukraine), heir of entrepreneurial and philanthropic traditions of a family of 19th-20th century Ukrainian sugar tycoons.

The online seminar was held by the EDUkIT Project team as part of the presentation of Michel Tereschenko’s book «The First Oligarch».

The EDUkIT Project Team will be happy to receive your suggestions as to the future topics for EDUkIT TV programmes.

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