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Kirovohrad educational institutions

On this page, you can view a list of Kirovohrad schools which participate in the School Champion Project and visit their websites by clicking on the address of the website in the right column.

Kirovohrad general educational institutions
Institution's namesSite
1. Kirovohrad comprehensive school №2
2. Kirovohrad specialized school №6
3. Kirovohrad Special School - a kindergarten for children with hearing problems
4. Kirovohrad Gymnasium of new learning technologies
Kirovohrad non-school institutions
Institution's namesSite
1. Kirovohrad city young technicians’ club
2. Kirovohrad region children and youth arts centre

Kirovohrad vocation schools
Institution's namesSite
1. Kirovohrad vocational school №4
Kirovohrad libraries
Institution's namesSite
1. Kirovohrad city library
2. Kirovohrad city library for children
3. Kirovohrad library №2
4. Kirovohrad library №5
5. Kirovohrad library №6
6. Kirovohrad library №12
7. Kirovohrad library №13
8. Kirovohrad library №15
9. Kirovohrad library №16
10. Kirovohrad library №19
11. Library of Kirovohrad National Technical University
Other institutions
Institution's nameSite
1. Choreographic ensemble "Metelytsia"
2. Educational Department of Kirovohrad municipal counci
3. Center of methodical and socio-psychological service
4. Educational department of KOIPPO
5. Research laboratory of Humanities and aesthetic disciplines of KOIPPO
6. Research laboratory of natural and mathematical sciences of KOIPPO
7. Research laboratory of foreign languages ​​and international educational exchanges of KOIPPO
8. Research laboratory of economic and technological disciplines of KOIPPO
9. Research laboratory of Physical Culture and Sports of KOIPPO
10. Department of Preschool and Primary Education of KOIPPO
11. Research laboratory of social sciences of KOIPPO
12. Regional educational and methodological center of applied psychology and social work of KOIPPO
13. Department of pedagogy, psychology and correctional education of KOIPPO
14. Regional educational and methodological center of educational management and coordination method services of KOIPPO
15. Educational methodical department of licensing and certification educational institutions of KOIPPO
16. Educational methodical department of innovation and intellectual property rights of KOIPPO
17. Research laboratory of information and methodical providing the educational process of KOIPPO
18. Research laboratory of inclusive and integrated education of KOIPPO
19. Consultative and rehabilitation center "Turn home" of KOIPPO
20. Kirovohrad Regional Hospital
21. Council of European clubs of Kirovograd region
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