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Hayvoronskyi district educational institutions

On this page, you can view a list of Hayvoronskyi district schools which participate in the School Champion Project and visit their websites by clicking on the address of the website in the right column.

Hayvoronskyi district general educational institutions
Institution's nameSite
1. Solgutove comprehensive school
2. Hayvoron comprehensive school №2
3. Salkove comprehensive school
4. Dolynivka comprehensive school
5. Khaschuvate comprehensive school
6. Tauzhne comprehensive school
7. Kazavchyn comprehensive school
8. Hayvoron comprehensive school №5
9. Moschene comprehensive school
10. Hayvoron comprehensive school №1
11. Chervone comprehensive school
Hayvoronskyi district preschool educational institutions
Institution's nameSite

Hayvoronskyi district non-school institutions
Institution's nameSite
1. Hayvoron children and youth arts centre
Hayvoronskyi district libraries
Institution’s nameSite

Other institutions
Institution's nameSite
1. Khaschuvate school club "Yuniy naukovets"
Personal sites
Institution's nameSite

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