School management system - EDUkIT becomes School Champion

Our methods of working with School Champion participants

The main priorities of School Champion team

  1. Increasing of participants’ level of satisfaction
  2. Improving of CMS (content management system) work
  3. Improving of positive project image by qualified information and technical support
  4. Improving of CMS quality by team work of all members of School Champion team

Golden working rules

  • Polite greeting
  • Attentive attitude to every participant
  • Intent listening
  • Obligatory confidentiality
  • Proposing solving the problem
  • Personal responsibility for decision implementing

The image of the project depends on the participant’s first impression while talking with the project manager by phone. During the first talk we’re particularly polite, we make contact with the participant, pay maximum attention to him\her, give full information accоrding to all the issues that interest the telephone subscriber. We propose the variants of the problem and remind about the information and technical support of the project to give participants a possibility to address their requests at any time.

The scenario of talking to the participant by phone


We greet the participant, inquire how we can help him\her. If the participant can’t talk at the moment – we ask when we can call him\her.

Needs detection

While talking, we listen to the project participant attentively. We set precise questions for better realizing of the problem. We don’t interrupt and don’t hurry. We often talk to the participant by his\her name.


We consult the participant perfectly, competently and unobtrusively. We talk to him\her in common language.

We propose several ways how to solve the problem. If it’s a technical problem, we inform the participant that the information about the problem will be passed to the developers and inform the participant after its solving without fail.

Objections and claims treatment

We listen to the objections and claims attentively. We don’t interrupt, we answer to them quietly. We reveal friendliness, patience, sincerity. If the talk was unpleasant, we farewell kindly.


We keep confidentiality. We don’t give the information of participants and their contacts to the others.

Dialogue completion

At the end of the dialogue we remind contacts of information and technical support. If it’s necessary we ask for the participant’s contact information for interacting with him\her in future. We thank for the participant’s call.

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