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How can You recall the Internet address of educational institution?

If you cannot recall the Internet address of your educational institution, maybe our tips will help you. There are only 3 steps and you are there!*

1.First you should recall the type of your educational institution – it will determine the first part of the address.
Type of your educational institution
Educational InstitutionKey words
1. Schoolschool
2. Boarding Schoolinternat
3. Night Schoolvechirnya-shkola
4. Lyceumlyceum
5. Gymnasiumgymnasium
6. Educational Complexwtcc, nvk
7. Interregional Vocational Schoolmvpu
8. Collegiumcollegium
9. Palacedvorec
10. Preschool Educational Institutionsadik, dnz
11. Children’s Clubdk
12. Young Technicians’ Stationsyt, sut, syut, cttu
13. Centre of Children’s and Youth Creative Work cdut
14. Centre of Scientific and Technical Creative Workcntt
15. District Council of Children and Youth rrdu
16. District Council of Educationrvo
17. District Centre of Methodologyrmk
18. District Board of Educationruo, osvita
19. MUPKmnvk
20. Board of Education and Scienceuon
21. Librarybiblioteka
22. Music schoolmusic-school
23. Art schoolartschool
2. It’s better to know the number of your institution too – it will be added to the first part with no space. After the number there is a dot. For example:
  • school16.
  • lyceum10.
  • gymnasium14.
  • nvk4.
  • dnz122
3. What remains is the third standard part, which depends only on the location of your educational institution.
Location of your educational institution
1. Crimea
2. Sebastopol
3. Vinnytsia
4. Volyn
5. Dnipropetrovsk
6. Donetsk
7. Zhytomyr
8. Zaporizhia
9. Kyiv region
10. Kirovohrad
11. Luhansk
12. Lviv
13. Mykolaiv
14. Odesa
15. Poltava
16. Rivne
17. Sumy
18. Ternopil
19. Kharkiv
20. Kherson region
21. Khmelnitsky
22. Cherkasy
23. Chernihiv

*We'd like to warn you beforehand that these tips will not suit you if

your educational institution is situated not in a city, but in a region
if your educational institution has a non-standard name

If in your case one or both of these conditions work, search for the name of your educational institution on the page "Project Participants".

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