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Site development

If you want your educational institution to have its own site, you first should make a request for a new site. You should contact us and give us the following information:

  1. The full name of your institution. This is necessary to create a unique domain name of your site.
  2. Your contact information. We will need it to contact you and provide you with:
    • address of the created site, username and password of its administrative part;
    • detailed instructions for filling the site in;
    • information about the innovations taking place within the framework of the project;
    • helpful information on how to edit and support the site created by you in the most efficient way.

Our contact information:

We look forward to your applications!

If the registration process has been successfully completed and you have already the address of your future website, as well as the username and password from it, we recommend you go to the next stage - setting up the site.

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