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Webinar «Striving for Public Benefit or Charity in Action»

On 11 April 2012, EDUkIT TV went on the air for the fifth time. The online seminar «Striving for Public Benefit or Charity in Action» was dedicated to charity.

Michel Tereschenko The webinar was attended by Michel Tereschenko (France-Ukraine), heir of entrepreneurial and philanthropic traditions of a family of 19th-20th century Ukrainian sugar tycoons.

The online seminar was held by the EDUkIT Project team as part of the presentation of Michel Tereschenko’s book «The First Oligarch» for education administrators, teachers, social workers, history teachers and all those interested.

Michel’s book describes the life of his grandfather, Mikhail Ivanovich Tereschenko (1886-1956), who, at the age of 31, inherited one of the biggest fortunes in the Russian Empire and became deputy of the State Duma of Russia, Minister of Finance and later – Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Provisional Government after the February revolution of 1917. He lost everything but managed to start from scratch and, living in emigration, became one of the most respected financiers of the world.

Michel Tereschenko «The First Oligarch» is a book about a family which can be considered a perfect example of hard work, generosity and concern.

The Tereschenko Foundation carried out charitable activities in Ukraine, which later spread to the most remote corners of the Russian Empire. It donated funds to build hospitals, shelters for the poor and homeless, orphanages, schools and universities, museums and churches.

The discussion was focused on charitable activities after the example of this legendary family of philanthropists, who, even in the most terrible circumstances, never went back on their principles and the family’s motto «Striving for Public Benefit».

The online seminar was held in Russian. During the webinar, some time was specifically allocated to questions and interaction with Michel Tereschenko.

You can buy books of Michel Tereschenko here:

Вебинар с Мишелем Терещенко.avi

You can send your impressions and suggestions (including those on the topics of future programmes of EDUkIT TV) to the organisers of the webinar at or by phone at (057) 78-01-911.

See you in the near future!

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