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Webinar «On NON-Formal Education or the Alphabet of the Future!»

D. Zicer7 April 2011 saw the first airing of EDUkIT TV, a unique platform for obtaining new knowledge, professional communication and experience exchange in the field of education technologies. Formally, the on-line seminar was dedicated to Non-formal Education. This modern trend in Pedagogics is also called open or liberal education. Experts consider it to be the best practical implementation of the humanistic approach based on personal interest in education.

Hundreds of EDUkIT TV viewers were taught the alphabet of non-formal education by pedagogue-practitioner Dr Dima Zicer (Russia-Israel-USA), author of numerous works in the pedagogical system of the future.

Reflecting on the notion of non-formal education, Dima brought forward his own version of new philosophy justification: new possibilities of information culture, subject-object relationships, emphasis on personal interest and denial of formalism.

Dr Zicer also tried to illustrate how these amazing ideas can be easily and convincingly put into practice. Specifically, Dima described the process of education built on non-formal education principles comprising 5 key elements (Atmosphere, Personal Interest, Self, Discovery and Acceptance).

Dima dedicated most of his communication time with EDUkIT TV viewers to answering questions coming from various corners of Ukraine and from abroad from education administrators, teachers, developers of educational projects and all others interested in the issue.

For more information on Dr Dima Zicer’s vision of non-formal education, please see:

1. articles On the Notion of Non-Formal Education in the Educator Magazine;
2. interview in the TV show One-on-One on RTVi Channel;
3. book The Alphabet of Non-Formal Education: Practical Pedagogy;
4. LiveJournal Blog.

You can send your impressions and suggestions (including those on the topics of future programmes of EDUkIT TV) to the organisers of the webinar at or by phone at (057) 751-86-15.

See you in the near future!

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