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Webinar «Documentary Photography or History Through A Camera Lens»

Loli KantorOn 22 December 2011, EDUkIT TV went on the air for the fourth time. The online seminar «Documentary Photography or History Through A Camera Lens» was dedicated to documentary photography.

The webinar was attended by Loli Kantor, a professional photographer from the USA. Loli is a fine art and documentary photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Her work has been exhibited in many countries of the world such as the United States, China, Poland, Ukraine, Spain and the Czech Republic, and is included in the collections of many modern art museums in the USA and Europe. This past year she was named one of the top 50 photographers in PhotoLucida’s Critical Mass competition.

The online seminar was held by the EDUkIT team as part of Loli Kantor’s exhibition There Was a Forest: Jewish Life in Eastern Europe Today for education administrators, teachers, developers of educational projects, tutors and all those keen to learn about a photography genre which reveals real events and the epoch.

  • What are the objectives of documentary photography?
  • How can I choose a topic for this genre?
  • What is the role of narration in documentary photography?
  • How do objectivity and subjectivity interact in documentary photography?
  • How can I organize my own documentary project and draw the public’s attention to it?

These are just some of the topics and questions that was discussed at the webinar.

To learn more about Loli Kantor and her professional experience, please visit her personal website, and for more information about the photographer’s exhibition in Kharkiv, please see the website

The online seminar was in Russian. During the webinar, some time was especially allocated to questions and communication with Loli Kantor.

The recorded version of the webinar:

Вебинар с фотографом Лоли Кантор

You can send your impressions and suggestions (including those on the topics of future programmes of EDUkIT TV) to the organisers of the webinar at or by phone at (057) 78-01-911.

See you in the near future!

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